Security Shutters and Screens

Security shutters
Security shutters are a visible deterrent, that provide a physical barrier. Shutters can be locked with extra locking mechanism, such as bolt locks or key locks. Another option that is available are so called End-Retention Systems. These increase the security even more by putting retention bolts on the ends of the slats, making it nearly impossible to gain access.

Whether you’re a security-conscious individual or the owner of a business or property, our extensive range of security products will help you to keep your premises safe. Just some of the items we supply include: roller shutter doors, security swinging shutters, rolling window shutters, extruded aluminum shutters with and without viewing ports, end retention shutters which lock into the tracks, self locking roll shutters steel doors, retractable gates, mesh grills, lockable security gates and operable fixed security screens. Most security products also meet the hurricane codes. The range of products includes manual, motorized, timed and remote access. Our products are designed for easy exiting for emergency situations. All our physical security products are made to measure and custom manufactured in the USA.

Hurricane Security Screens

Hurricane Security Screens are made of heavy extruded aluminum heavilyreinforced at strategic places to give maximum strength. We use .035 12 x 12 stainless steel wire in our screens, allowing the home owner or business to mount the screens directly to the window. In the event a screen is damaged or torn the cost to replace, in most cases the wire, is a lot cheaper than either impact glass or a shutter.

Our extensive knowledge and experience will ensure that, we provide the best security solutions for you and your property both efficiently and cost effectively. Site surveys and consultations, following by detailed drawings can all be provided if required. We offer a full installation service, throughout the Carolina’s and we ship product throughout the USA with detailed instructions and phone support for installation by others.

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