Roll Shutters

Our roll shutters are the most convenient and popular storm and security protection available today. This is a product easily designed into your home so there is little or no visual proof they are there until you close them. Roll-up style shutters can be installed easily on existing buildings. Regardless of the type of installation, the benefits are the same. Roll shutters can be operated using electric motors, manual gears or a pull-tape system. Roll shutters can be operated inside or outside of the building. A multiple roll-shutter installation using electric motor operators can have a central control system that will open and close shutters on a schedule or automatically close all shutters if the wind exceeds a preset limit.

Our roll shutters are a versatile solution to protect any kind of window or door. All of our rolling hurricane shutters are designed to protect buildings from the worst of storms, the hardiest burglar, the strongest sunlight, and the most variable thermal conditions imaginable.


  • All aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic components for oxidation resistance. All-Weather aluminum, roll formed, foam-filled, and heavy-duty extruded aluminum slat profiles.
  • Simple manual operators: strap recoil box, cord crank box, strap crank box, gear crank, spring assist.
  • Push button electrical motor operators.
  • Standard colors to blend with any color scheme. Many custom colors available.
  • Powder-coated, weather-resistant paint finishes.
  • 3 Closure positions- partially opened position allows light and ventilation to filter through shutter.
  • Die-cast aluminum end caps.
  • 2-piece shutter housing for easy maintenance.
  • Extruded aluminum guide rails with plastic entry guide for stable curtain motion.
  • Optional removable spring-loaded front and rear storm bars.
  • Industry leading warranty


  • Protects window and door openings from driving wind and rain damage.
  • Provide a physical barrier to deter burglars.
  • Sun protection.
  • Reduced energy costs.
  • 100% privacy when closed.
  • You control the amount of light through the shutters.
  • Semi-open position allows shadow and motion detection.
  • Storm and hurricane protection.
  • Projectile protection from airborne particles caused by high winds.
  • Increased insulation factors.
  • Increased property values.
  • Reduced insurance premiums.

Nautilus Rolling Shutter Systems is the worlds most compact rolling shutter system combined with increased strength and versatility. The Nautilus is the most compact rolling shutter system in the industry! No other aluminum rolling shutter can match the extraordinarily compact housing sizes.

The smaller housing size is a tremendous advantage to maintain the aesthetics of any structure, especially residential homes and store front applications. Due to the smaller housing size, the slats have a shorter distance to travel between the track and the center reel. This reduces deflection, friction and strain on the motor/gear.

The small diameter of the center reel, combined with the compact way the slats conform around each other, increases and maintains the optimum motor/gear/spring torque.The phenomenal strength and design load capacity of this system speaks for itself. Ideal for residential, storefront, commercial, mid-rise and even high-rise applications.

Nautilus Features

  • 72” Unit height = 6.0”housing
  • 108” Unit height = 6.5”housing
  • 144” Unit height = 7.0”housing
  • 96” Span = 160psf Concrete, 160psf Filled Block
  • 144” Span = 106psf Concrete, 95psf Filled Block
  • 192” Span = 77psf Concrete, 63psf Filled Block
  • 240” Span = 55psf Concrete, 45psf Filled Block

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