Bahama Shutters

The TOWN AND COUNTRY “FULL VIEW BAHAMA is an impact rated bahama shutter and is very competitive with the following 2 non rated bahama products. Besides being able to close down for a hurricane like all the shutters being quoted the Full view Bahama also has louvers that can be closed for incredible strength in the face of a severe storm. The louvers can also be adjust for the proper amount of view, light and shade. This shutter is a great option for many different shade and shuttering solutions and is up to the Impact code for the insurance companies.The shutter have a high quality powder coat painted surface. These shutter are also available at lower price with fixed louvers.

The NEW HORIZON SHUTTER new All Aluminum Bahama shutter is wet painted and looks the most like traditional wood bahamas It has a hollow blade that has all the scale of a wood louver in it detailing. It’s a top quality Bahama shutter. The wet paint has a softer finish and can be matched to any color, touched up or repainted on site if a different color was desired in the future.

The MASTER ALUMINUM all aluminum bahama “Z Blade” shutter is the most economical but still a top quality Bahama shutter. It has a single wall louver which is beveled at the bottom and the top. The manufacturers weld and finishes all 4 corners for a beautiful finish and extra strong frame on all 3 bahama styles they produce. The male hinge is extruded into the top frame rail for extra strength and a cleaner look on all systems. All holes are pre drilled so the finish isn’t broken by drilling holes thru it after installation. Master Aluminum also makes 2 other bahama shutters called the “Foil Blade” and the “Bertha” Impact Rated shutter. The foil blade is hollow and is shaped like an airplane wing pointed in the front and back and fatter in the middle. It has a more contemporary look. The Bertha is 2” thick and meets all Impact code requirements. Master Aluminum offers a bonding primer option for a 5 year paint warranty.

The Bahama Shutter is one of today’s most unique shutter styles, one that provides protection from the sun and weather without obstructing your view. Made popular in coastal and tropical climates, the Bahama Shutter is an excellent addition to many exteriors.

Bahama shutters are louvered and hinged above the window to provide convenient light, ventilation and privacy control in daily use. Support arms are adjustable to 60 degrees. Longer support arms are available to 90 degrees. Both open and closed, Bahama shutters allow for good ventilation. Almost universally built with fixed louvers, Bahama shutters allow air to pass through the louvers into the house. This type of exterior shutters offers pleasant shade when open, acting much like an awning. Bahama shutters have a distinct look covering a wider area than a standard exterior shutter. Bahama shutters use bahama shutter hinges at the top of the window.

The shutters remain open with shutter stays, a type of exterior shutter hardware that hold the shutter away from the outside window. Bahama shutters can serve as storm shutters to protect your home during high winds and rain. Many people use Bahama shutters as hurricane shutters for protection from winds in excess of 70 miles per hour. Bahama hurricane shutters may need to be reinforced to serve as the only line of defense against hurricanes.
If the shutters are washed yearly and after storms they will last long after their warranties end. We have samples of all these products and look forward to showing them to you at your home or business.

Bahama shutters are:

  • Extremely popular as storm protection and add to the charm of your home.
  • Architecturally pleasing
  • Easy to install on any existing home
  • Click for shutter construction specs.
  • Easy to operate from inside or outside the home or office
  • Provides excellent security
  • Versatile protection that add to the look of your home
  • Arches, angles and curved tops available
  • Covers openings up to 16 ft. wide and 15 ft. high
  • Special sizes available upon request
  • 14 standard colors and unlimited custom colors
  • Medium sound control
  • Convenient light control
  • Improved insulation from heat and cold

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